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This album consists of a Blu-Ray disc and a CD.

Blu-ray Disc
"Pure Audio Blu-ray", jointly developed by msm studio in Munich and Lindberg Lyd, is a kind ofBlu-Ray format that has extensive memory capacity and bandwidth and allows playback ofhi-res immersive surround playback at 192kHz/24bit. It allows you to playback music intuitively like CD, and the following formats can be selected upon your request by selecting blue, red, green, or yellow buttons of the remote control whenever you play the track from this Blu-ray disc.

 Red - 5.1 DTS-HD MA (24bit/192kHz)
 Yellow - 2.0 LPCM Stmo (24bit/192kHz)
 Green - Dolby Atmos
 Blue - 11.1 Auro-3D (24bit/96kHz)

This is a MQA mastering processed disc, and is a hi-res CD that can be played back on CD players. If your playback device is MQA compatible, then decoding will take place automatically so that you can enjoy the disc in PCM 176.4kHz/24bit quality. You still can enjoy this with regular CD format at 44.lkHz/16bit even if your playback device is not MQb. compatible. Learn more for MQA at http://www.mqa.co.uk/

UNAMAS presents Awarded Best

This album is a collection of gem that consist only of award-winning works of Professional Music Recording Award of Japan - the most prestigious professional musical recording award in Japan - and is a portfolio released by UNAMAS, the music label which has been releasing high quality works since the early days of hi-res surround sound. The album contains 6 award-winning titles from 2013 to 2019 - won awards 5 years in a row from 2015, and two of which had won the highest award - and puts together three key elements which are Art, Technology, and Engineering. And it is filled with passion delivered by Mick Sawaguchi who contentiously leads the recording art scene. This detailed and full recording will be a milestone in recording art history for the future as a reference to immersive audio works.

What is the Professional Music Recording Award of Japan?
It is the most prestigious musical recording award for professionals and is primarily intended to improve engineers'technique as well as discover talented next-generation engineers by evaluating and rewarding engineers'sensibility and technical ability toward music from applied works done by recording engineers who play their roles in the development of music culture and industry.

It has been co-organized by Japan Audio Society, Japan Association of Recording Engineers, Japan Association of Professional Recording Studios, and Recording Industry Association of Japan. The inaugural award took place in 1994, and this historical award celebrated the 26th anniversary in 2019.


M01 Channel Check 0:00:06
M02 Concerto No.3 in F Major.RV 293 Autumn 0:12:11
UNAHQ 2015 ViVa Four Seasons/ UNAMAS Strings Sextet

M03 Sonata for Strings NO1 in G Major Andante 0:04:14
UNAHQ 2014 Touch of Contrabass / UNAMAS Strings Quartet

M04 Theme from Schindler's List 0:00:55
UNAHQ 2014 Touch of Contrabass / Ippei Kitamura

M05 Franz Schubert No-14 in D minor /Death and the Maiden Allegro
0:16:24/ UNAHQ 2009 Death and The Maiden/ UNAMAS Strings Quintet

M06 / Contrapunctus 01/ 0:03:17/ UNAHQ 2007 The Art of Fugue
UNAMAS Fugue Quintet

M07 Contrapunctus 14 0:07:45/ UNAHQ 2007 The Art of Fugue
UNAMAS Fugue Quintet

M08 Jour Naissant 0:03:53/ UNAHQ 2003 Reimei/ Jun Fukamachi

M09 Fugace 0:05:07/ UNAHQ 2003 Reimei/ Jun Fukamachi

M10 Nature surround 0:02:05/ Bonus Track /Mick Sawaguchi